Latvia, Riga, Brivibas street 197

    Riga, 2020


    PROGRAM: Apartments, commercial area, community spaces, undergrund parking

    SIZE: 12570 m2

    STATUS: Development proposal


    Rather than design traditional residental buildings, we imagine a single slab that hosts 102 apartments in the most compact way. A functional diversity and variety of outdoor amenities promotes a rich social life. Regular grid network as a base allows to generate 67 different apartment types ranging from minimal studios to luxury penthouses, from single to multiple storey apartments all mixed together. In this way full spectrum of residents and families with wide range of income levels can find the apartment they need creating a diverse community. Private outdoor area for each apartment is created towards the South in a way to get maximum sunlight into the building. Outdoor terraces are functionally seperated from each other yet visually connected to further enhance the sense of togetherness. To compensate the costs of terraces, circulation area is reduced to minimum. That allows to keep the costs low yet ensure an exceptional living conditions. Apartments can be accessed directly from staircase, from corridor or outside gallery to enhance the diversity. Each function in apartment – living room, living room with terrace, kitchen, bedroom, double space area has its own window / doors design characterized by an optimal usage. In this way the facades of the building are generated according to the function behind them expressing the inside of the building to the outside as well as making the design of facades functionally argumentated. To improve the construction quality, speed and reduce building costs as well as to ensure low-emission building approach timber modular construction system is used.


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